Shocking Pink are very excited to announce that September is now the month of ‪#‎whywait‬, in celebration of life and in acknowledgment that it can be taken away from us at any moment. We all have that desire at the back of our minds that we haven’t got around to doing. Here at Shocking Pink we want to honour the memories of those who didn’t get to fulfill that desire by making sure we fulfill our own. So book that trip to Fiji or France. Plant those fruit trees in the backyard this weekend. Take that week off to spend precious time with your loved ones. Eat that entire pizza with no guilt attached. Whatever it is that you haven’t got around to doing yet, ask yourself, why wait? Post a picture online of you seizing the moment and fulfilling a personal desire and use the hashtag #whywait to spread awareness for Shocking Pink and breast cancer in young women. Provide the link for the givealittle page to encourage people to donate along with their gesture. Tag your friends to nominate them to do the #whywait challenge. All donations received will go directly to the Shocking Pink charity which supports young women with breast cancer. And please like and share this link so everyone can get involved! Thank you sincerely from all of us here at Shocking Pink for getting involved and supporting us.