In praise of surgery….

  • It removes as much of the diseased tissue as possible with the aim to reach a clear margin around the tumour, giving your body the best chance to fight anything that’s left
  • You may be able to have a Sentinal Node Biopsy performed where the spread of cancer can be assessed and you may not have to have lymph nodes removed or undergo chemotherapy.
  • You’ll find out from the pathology report exactly what you’re dealing with (size, grade, hormone receptor status, Herceptin receptivity and lymph node involvement)
  • Despite the perception, the surgery is not as painful as you might imagine.
  • You psychologically feel better knowing that unwelcome tumour is no longer with you 

On the flip side…

  • Your boobs will never be the same again – lumpectomy and partial mastectomy change the appearance of your boob(s) whereas a modified radical mastectomy removes the boob altogether
  • You are left with emotional as well as physical scars – sometimes neat, sometimes jagged but 1,000 times more manageable than unchecked cancer.
  • Your arm range of motion can be restricted for some time and in some cases permanently
  • You have to carry your very own handbag of horrors around for a week.
  • You can suffer from evil constipation from the painkillers like you’ve never had in your life!