In praise of radiation….

  • It nukes the life out of any pesky cancer cells in the breast and/or armpit
  • You get to listen to groovy music during your treatment
  • Treatment sessions only take about 15 mins
  • You get inked – not just one but 3 new tatts courtesy of the health service
  • It’s the one treatment that won’t give you evil constipation 🙂

On the flip side…

  • Treatment is every weekday usually for 3 weeks (15 sessions) or 5 weeks (25 sessions) depending upon intensity of treatment and cancer
  • Your square boob tan can rapidly turn into a weeping, BBQ fest that’ll have you swearing like a sailor
  • Approximately 2 weeks after your last treatment you may physically feel like you’ve been hit by a train – when they say mild fatigue they mean bloody exhausted!