Things that can make radio easier to handle…


Aqueous Cream to be precise.  Do yourself a favour and do as you’re told! – put this and only this on every day, several times a day.  Use nothing else in the treated area – soap, deodorant, razors or anything else crazy.

 Saltwater Bathing

 As your personal armpit BBQ heats up it also had the undesirable effect of getting rather itchy.  A cup of cooled, boiled water with a teaspoon of ordinary salt dissolved in it and applied with cotton wool makes you less likely to scratch the hell out of it. Make a fresh cup very day and keep it where it won’t be mistaken for a tasty beverage.

Kind Clothes

It’ll probably be suggested that you choose to wear a ‘loose fitting camisole’ (if you even know what that is!).  Never fear, it doesn’t mean you have to add 1980s satin slips to your attire – it just means wear loose fitting clothes that don’t rub and try turning your singlets inside out so that the seams don’t take off your top layer of skin 


Drinking plenty of this will help to flush out all those nuked dead cells from your system.  The tiredness you feel is apparently caused by your body working extra hard to process all the waste from your radiation treatment – if this goes any way towards relieving that it’s a good idea to get glugging.