In praise of hormone treatment….

  • If the cancer is hormone receptor positive (i.e. uses estrogen or progesterone or both) to fuel its growth, blocking the production of said fuel or inhibiting its uptake can slow or stop cancer cell development.
  • You don’t have to visit the ‘womens’ aisle of the supermarket for a while and get to wear your nicest undies every day of the month
  • No more period pain or PMT for a while yet – but before you jump for joy get ready for the flip side…

On the flip side…

  • Hormone treatment kick starts a menopause that’s quite unique and intense as your body’s gone from ‘go’ to ‘no’ in the hormone department
  • Menopausal side effects include, no periods (yay!) hot flushes (bah!) night sweats (boo!) joint pain (argh!) mood swings (grr!) insomnia (noooh!) loss of libido (wah!) and increased risk of osteoporosis (ohhh!)
  • You have to get injected (Zoladex) every 4 weeks to the day or take a tablet (Tamoxifen & Armidex) every day, or both.