Things that can make hormone treatment easier to handle…

Strategies for sleeping

You’ll probably find that you have trouble getting to sleep at the best of times during all this cancer lark (unless it’s the 2 weeks after radiation treatment fallout!) let alone waking up drenched or spending the night thrashing around trying to get the temperature right.  Wearing light cotton PJs and throwing the covers on and off several times a night seems to be the way through.  Also having a cool flannel near the bed in summer can help you to mop up the sweat and cool down at the same time. 

Natural fabrics and layers

Sweating like a pig in public is not pleasant especially when it comes randomly out of the blue several times a day.  Try to wear light layers of natural fabrics, that way you can breathe, strip off a bit if/when need be and not have big sweaty ‘magic spots’ under your arms/on your back.

Talking with your loved ones

Think PMT without the PM – menopause can cause you to put the T in Tension! Feeling up one minute and down the next, or having feelings of anxiety, depression or agitation (just like PMT) can all be down to this lack of raging hormones believe it or not.  Make sure that everyone around you knows your not just being a super-bitch for the sake of it (unless of course you are!) and try to be aware of what is going on for you – mindfulness is really the key to mastering this.

Dealing with ‘headaches’

An absence of sex hormones (oestrogen/progesterone) can unsurprisingly lead to an absence of sexual desire.  If you’re feeling less than interested in frisky business it can cause problems down the track, especially if you’re in a relationship.  If you can find a way to talk about it to someone (best of all your partner in crime, but a trusted friend if not) you’re on the road to stopping it becoming a bigger mental drain for you than it may be already.  This is a really hard one, so go easy on yourself and try not to add guilt to your already rather large emotional load.