WTF is that?!

Most of us are on reasonably good terms with our boobs. They might not be as big/small/perky/full as we would like, and we might look at them through squinted eyes on occasion, but we know what they pretty much look like, feel like and how they behave. Its no wonder then, that a sinking feeling stirs in your stomach when you feel something that wasn’t there before, or they just look a little different to how they usually do or you just have the feeling something isn’t alright in the boob department… what then?

Firstly, no matter how small or trivial it may seem, DO NOT give it the brush off! While many lumps and changes in appearance have innocent causes (like gravity for example!), some definitely do not, so the best thing to do (no matter how scared you are) is to get yourself down to the doctors office and find out what the devil is going on. At worst you’ll feel like a neurotic self-groper (I assure you your doctor probably won’t think that) but you also might just make the visit that saves your life.

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