Two kinds of biopsies are most commonly performed on suspicious goings on in the breast – the more pleasant sounding ‘fine needle aspiration’ and the somewhat less pleasant sounding ‘core biopsy’. If your boob looks to be harbouring a suspicious character, a core biopsy is more than likely what will come next. This takes a sample of the offending cells to send to a pathology lab, and is usually performed under ultrasound (so they can see what they’re doing) with local anaesthetic because they’re about to take slivers of your prime boob via a punch needle . There’s no place for it alongside kittens in mittens and brown paper packages tied up with string (anyway so its hard to rhyme with biopsy!) but it’s a necessary evil to definitely see what’s going on.

Now the hardest part of the deal so far… the wait for your results.

Keep busy, keep your spirits up and keep on keeping on – you can’t change what’s going to happen next for good or bad.

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