If you find yourself reading this – its probably because the reality or threat of breast cancer has entered your life (or that of someone you know and love) and we’re guessing not in a ‘quietly slipping in the back door’ kind of way, but more of a ‘jaw dropping, earth shattering, face slapping, pardon me?, WTF?’ kind of arrangement.

As a young woman aged between 20 and 40, your life is pretty lovely (at least some of the time!) filled with grand plans, exciting adventures and many possibilities. Thankfully, you can bet your lovely life, that embarking on a personal battle with breast cancer won’t crop up on your to-do list. That is unless you’re one of the growing number of a select few for whom this nightmare becomes a reality.

That is why we’re here. The women behind Shocking Pink are battling this too, so we welcome you to this exclusive club. The price of membership is unbelievably high, but you, fabulous young woman, are not alone one little bit.

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