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Show Your Heart: for Women Living With Breast Cancer

Enjoy Arnott’s Tim Tam during May and help support women living with breast cancer.

May marks a month-long fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC). Supported by Arnott’s, the fundraiser asks you to ‘Show Your Heart’ by buying Tim Tam during the month from Countdown, Super Value or Fresh Choice supermarkets to help BCAC support thousands of women and their families as they tackle breast cancer.

Every year 2750 women (and 20 men) are diagnosed with breast cancer … and thousands of husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, aunts, partners, grandmothers, friends, cousins and sisters are affected by someone special to them tackling the disease.

Funds raised from the ‘Show Your Heart for Women Living With Breast Cancer’ Tim Tam campaign will help BCAC offer the Step by Step support pack free of charge to every New Zealander diagnosed. Step by Step is a key resource that guides women through the many challenges of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Step by Step combines information, a treatment diary and a journal for women to record their progress and thoughts during their breast cancer journey. It’s a practical and empowering tool  that allows women to understand their diagnosis and treatment options, providing positive support every step of the way” says BCAC chairperson Libby Burgess.

“Those first few weeks after diagnosis are bewildering as you come to terms with your diagnosis and the treatments that lie ahead, often including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Step by Step really does help and we want to make sure the pack is available for every woman in New Zealand diagnosed with breast cancer. The Show Your Heart campaign during May will help us achieve that goal.

“Breast cancer predominantly affects women and with Mother’s Day coming up soon, we’d like to encourage people to spend some time appreciating their mothers and showing some love, enjoying a Tim Tam or two and helping to raise funds so we can continue supporting women with breast cancer.”

BCAC is a collective of organisations working nationwide to ensure the best possible treatment and care is provided to women (and their families) facing breast cancer. Supported by Arnott’s, the 2012 fundraising campaign asks people to ‘Show Your Heart for Women Living with Breast Cancer’ by buying a pack of Tim Tam(165-200g packs) from Countdown, Super Value or Fresh Choice supermarkets, with 20c from each pack being donated to BCAC.

BCAC works nationwide through its member organisations to support women diagnosed with breast cancer and represents the views of women with breast cancer to ensure New Zealand women receive the best possible treatment and care.

Show Your Heart for Women Facing Breast Cancer and buy Tim Tam at Countdown, Super Value or Fresh Choice from Monday 30 April to Sunday 27 May. 20c from every purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition.

BCAC has been an ardent supporter of Shocking Pink since day 1. We appreciate everything they do for us, and women living with breast cancer around New Zealand.