All this focus on boobs all things boob related sets off a chain of events that can find you unwittingly becoming a covert boob inspector.  Not even your (female) specialist or oncologist are immune from this as your thoughts wander to the state of their boobs and indeed every other female that crosses your path.

Suddenly all the adverts in magazines and on TV are using boobs to sell their wares, (which if truth be told the majority of them are) and the inescapable pink ribbon of breast cancer sponsored products are all around you from washing up liquid to chocolate biscuits.

It’s a perfectly normal response to finding out your boob(s) are in fact ticking time-bombs and not the nice girls you once thought they were.  It comes and goes throughout the journey with a definite peak around surgery-time when you know you soon have to adjust to an altered landscape when looking down.

Give yourself the same break you would a hormonal teenage boy – its normal, its not hurting anyone, they’re everywhere and they do occupy most of your waking thoughts – just try to be discrete!