… Is that cancer? Is that cancer?

While it is indeed possible that your new headache may be a brain tumour, your new backache may be the signs of bone cancer or flushed scar may be a recurrence of breast cancer, you need to remember that its just as possible that it isn’t.

After a cancer diagnosis, it’s so hard to trust your body again (and who can blame you?) after that little army of rogue cells already managed to slip past your immune defences once.  Your mind is well and truly on the cancer lookout and anything that fits the description will be up for scrutiny, compounding an already stressful situation.

Anything that persists (the advice is often a duration of 2 weeks or more) or worsens warrants attention and you should contact the triage nurse at your oncology department to discuss our symptoms and see if they need to see you in person.  You can also head to your GP if you’re more comfortable with them – you’ll probably never see them as much in your life as you do after a cancer diagnosis, ironically it usually more for your worrying symptoms once treatment is over.