Why Me?


Like a 4 year-old trying to make sense of this crazy world, at some point you’ll find yourself tied up in knots in a ‘why?’ stage that goes something like this…


Why me? Did I ……..(insert one/any/all of the following…)

Do something wrong?

Drink too much?

Use the wrong deodorant?

Wear the wrong bra?

Eat the wrong food?

Experiement with with drugs and shouldn’t have?

Get too stressed?

Use too many chemicals to clean my loo?

Not look after myself?

Leave it too long to have my children?

Think too many negative thoughts?


Blah Blah Blah…

This is eternally frustrating as a) you’ll find that the list of possible scenarios is endless and b) you’ll never know either way what caused your particular cancer in your particular body at this particular time in your life.

Cancer is believed to be a product of the interaction between our personal genetics and our environment which pretty much covers everything we eat, drink, wear, say, think and do.  For some, a genetic mutation such as the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene increases your disposition to cancer but even then not 100% of those individuals get breast cancer.  If there was a clear answer to what caused it – we’d be closer to a cure.

There is one short answer to all of this that you’ll end up at anyway and funnily enough it’s the same one you’ll eventually give the 4 year old stuck in the same dilemma – its because that’s just the way it is.