Talking with friends/family/survivors

Talking about your feelings can be by far the best way to name and shame them into place.  If you want to talk and those around you want to listen then get it all out as much and as often as you need to.  People around you often don’t know what to say and find themselves rocked by your diagnosis.  In talking about what’s happening for you, you’re giving them the opportunity to share their feelings and ask any questions at the same time as you getting some much needed earplay.  Be aware that you may start to feel like a Mastermind contestant who’s specialist subject is ‘Breast Cancer’ but hey it’s a pretty big thing that’s happening in your life and you are the (albeit reluctant) expert.

Watch out if you find you’re starting to edit the content, get stuck ruminating, counsel others or if the subject matter becomes too uncomfortable to discuss – in these cases you may want to seek a referral to a counsellor where you can say what you really feel.  You may also find comfort and inspiration in talking to any other cancer survivors (particularly breast cancer survivors) who have already walked the mile in your shoes and know the dark feelings that can accompany this life-threatening situation.