There’s a caution to looking online – while credible sites can provide you with great resources and information (like this one for instance) some of the information out there can be very frightening indeed and even outdated.  It can also be very generalised, reliant upon statistics and in no way a true reflection of your own personal circumstances.

The best approach is to take your time and look at factual resources first, such as those given out by the Cancer Society, so you really learn about breast cancer and understand your predicament.  Once you’ve got a good handle on just what’s going on, you are able to sift through the minefield of information out there and discern what’s appropriate for you.

That being said, the support from online forums on many breast cancer sites and  blogs can be an amazing place of comfort, camaraderie and shared experience.  Knowing you aren’t alone in this nightmare, having someone who never gets tired of talking about the big C and is also waking at 4am with premature menopausal sweats is invaluable.  As the saying goes…misery loves company!

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