Lymphediva Compression Sleeves

Lymphediva Compression Sleeves

My name is Glen Dewe and in June 2011 I was diagnosed with BC.
I had a choice of two package deals: An MRI, more surgery and Chemotherapy OR a mastectomy and if IT hadn’t gone into the lymph nodes, no chemo. As my body was still under huge strain from being chemically poisoned 7 months prior while at work, I chose to have a mastectomy and took a chance that IT hadn’t travelled into the lymph glands. I was very lucky and required no further treatment. (two years later I had breast and nipple reconstruction followed up with the areola tattooed.) However, I did end up with lymphedema and was issued with the usual thick beige sleeve and glove which I was very grateful for. It was three years later that I stumbled onto these beautiful gorgeous sleeves and gloves. They had an instant effect on my lymphedema and because of the great variety in designs I have been able to choose to my own taste and feel so much better wearing my sleeve. And yes I get so many comments about it when I am wearing it, mostly “what an amazing tattoo” which I always reply “I am not into that much pain!!!!” I always explain to the person making the comment exactly what the sleeve is for. I believe that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and maybe one day that person may help someone else who is in the same situation and tell them about these amazing lymphedema products.
I am proud to represent LympheDIVAs and be able to offer these amazing sleeves to other women in my situation.

Garment Features
• Smooth and seamless lightweight knit construction replicating a ‘second skin’
• 20-30mmHg or 30-40mmHg medical compression
• State-of-the art moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your arm cool and dry
• 360° stretch for true comfort and fit, reducing binding at the elbow
• An infusion of unscented, microencapsulated aloe vera to help soften and moisturise
• 100% latex and silicone free, including our optional DIVA Diamond Band™ gripper
• Made with love in America

Every purchase results in a donation to a Breast Cancer Charity

Pricing as at 1st November 2015:
• Pattern Sleeve $136
• Pattern Gauntlet $107
• Pattern Sleeve and Gauntlet $218
• Solid Sleeve $100
• Solid Gauntlet $62
• Solid Sleeve and Gauntlet $152
• Crystal addition to Solid Sleeve $32

+ Tracked Courier in New Zealand – $10 per order
Pricing could change from time to time due to the fluctuation in the NZ Dollar to the US Dollar
Quoted prices are in New Zealand dollars

Phone: 0275004282
380 Halkett Road
West Melton
Christchurch 761
Region: Online/everywhere
  • Lymphediva Compression Sleeves

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2 Comments to “Lymphediva Compression Sleeves”

  • Jo-Anne Falconer says:

    December 4, 2018 at 11:00 pm – Reply

    HI could you give me prices for your Lymphadema sleeves in New Zealand?
    Kind regards


    1. admin says:

      January 14, 2019 at 1:37 pm – Reply

      Hi Jo-Anne, sorry for the late reply. You need to contact the business directly with regards to pricing, we are just providing a directory service for people to advertise their breast cancer related products.