LET Therapy

LET Therapy

The lymphatic system is primarily your immune system and as a specialised health care provider in the modality of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET), we work to improve the function of your lymphatics which subsequently improves immune response. We believe that the lymphatic system is the “origin” of certain disease in today’s modern western society.

We pride ourselves in our professional service, support and care of every client we see. Here are some of the services we offer:

Post surgery swelling

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology reduces swelling by improving the drainage of the lymphatic system, which encourages re-routing of the lymphatic vessels and removal of fluid deposits.

Chemotherapy support

During chemotherapy side effects can occur which can range from neuropathy, toxicity, mouth ulcers and fluid retention. LET can reduce these side effects and we offer self care options using products, many that can be found in your pantry and supermarket.


Lymphoedema is a swelling caused by failure of the lymphatic system to remove a normal load of protein and fluid from the body tissues. The occurence is increased when lymph nodes are removed and damaged at the time of cancer surgery. Lymphoedema swelling can present as early as post surgery and therefore learning the signs and symptoms is paramount to early prevention. We provide information on early signs and self care options to maintain the health and well being of the affected area. LET provides support by removing the protein and fluid within the tissue space and improving fluid flow.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that causes damage to the nerves due to the chemotherapy. We have found a ginger soak to be highly effective for this condition when undertaken through the chemotherapy. Download for more details.

Post Cancer Treatment

When you have come out the other side of the treatment and are wondering what now? How do I start to get my health back on track? How can I detox the chemicals? According to research, persistent, medically unexplained fatigue is one of the most common and disabling complaints among breast cancer survivors, affecting as many as 30% of survivors up to 5 years after successful treatment.
LET is a perfect compliment to any treatment protocol you wish to undertake to rebuild your health and wellbeing.

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