My Fit Life – ‎Manuela Sumetzberger – Personal Trainer

My Fit Life – ‎Manuela Sumetzberger – Personal Trainer

Combining my love of exercise and the outdoors with my Personal Trainer qualifications (attained in Australia and currently being refreshed in New Zealand) I am committed to sharing my knowledge and passion by bringing exercise opportunities to others in the great outdoors.

My goal is to facilitate exercise opportunities for others in small groups designed around the needs of my clients. Whether your goal is weight loss, flexibility, upper/lower body or core strength, event preparation, to discover exercise again after life-changing circumstances or to just get moving, I am here to help you do just that.

My group sessions are motivating and challenging while also being personal and friendly. Where exercise is not a chore, but a love and an exquisitely enjoyable everyday activity.

Just like one-on-one personal training but lots more fun.
Maximum group size of 4-6
Exercises are tailored to your fitness level.
Enjoy the outdoors with an early morning, after school drop off, lunch or evening workout.
Choose your favourite park
Join an existing group or Invite your friends to start your own group.
2 monthly group hike or bike ride

Phone: 021 865 882
209 Hoon Hay Road
Hoon Hay
Region: Canterbury

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